27-Channel DMX RGB Controller - Kit (9 RGB groups)
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27-Channel DMX RGB Controller - Kit (9 RGB groups)

The 27-Channel DMX RGB Cat5 Controller – ReadyToGO is a great compact but powerful solution to controlling multiple LEDs or 9 groups of RGB LEDs from a single controller. The controller transforms the DMX-512 standard digital control signals into PWM controller signals for driving LEDs and has the ability to achieve different effects such as dimming, ramping, twinkle and shimmer. Each output channels can handle a max of 1A per channel/color or 15A total.

The DMX start channel is set from a DIP switch, so no external programmer is required. A Red LED on the controller indicates DMX power and signal.

The27-Channel Controller is powered by a 12V 180W (15A) Universal Regulated Switching Power Supply. High efficiency, low temperature, overload and short circuit protection.


This unit is designed for Basic RGB lighting and offers 2 output cable options: 9 RGB 20" waterproof pigtails or 9 Cat5 18" cables with straight inline coupler to be used for RGB lighting. (Cat5 cables are RJ45 to open end)


This kit contains the DMX Decoder board, power supply, enclosure, mounting board and either RGB pigtails or Cat5/Inline couplers. You provide the hardware (bolts, washers, nuts, stand-offs, connectors, ect) and build yourself.  The mounting board only has the 4 outside holes pre-drilled. This is a DIY kit and requires tools, some skills and several hours to assemble (actual time may vary).


  • Power Supply Voltage: 12V DC
  • Power Supply Amp/Watt: 15A / 180W
  • Output: 27 channels or 9 RGB groups
  • Connecting mode: shared common anode (positive)
  • Controller: DMX-512
  • Input/Output Data Connection: XLR 3-pin
  • Output max current: 1A DC (ch) / 15A DC total
  • Output Power: 12V DC (same as input)
  • Output Cable Type: (9) RGB pigtails or Cat5 cables



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27-Channel DMX RGB Controller - Kit (9 RGB groups)

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