CMB16D RGB DC Controller - Kit (Assembly Required)
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CMB16D RGB DC Controller - Kit (Assembly Required)

The Deluxe CMB16D-RGB-KIT is a 16 Channel DC Controller that can operate independently, operate as the director unit in a multi-controller network or as an add-on unit of a larger synchronized network of controllers. Each of the 16 independent channels has a number of special effects such as dimming, ramping, twinkle and shimmer.

The DC Board is powered by a 12V 30V Universal Regulated Switching Power Supply with auto on/off cooling fan. High efficiency, low temperature, built-in EMI filter, overload and short circuit protection and over voltage protection.

This unit is designed for Basic RGB lighting and comes with 5 pairs of RGB 20" waterproof pigtails. The pigtails comes as a set. You need the same RGB cables to connect to the controller.


This kit contains the DC Board, 30A power supply, power cable, enclosure, mounting board and 20" RGB pigtails. You provide the hardware (bolts, washers, nuts, stand-offs, connectors, ect) and build yourself.  This is a DIY kit and requires tools, materials and some skills for several hours to assemble (actual time may vary).

Note: Channel 16 is not being used in this setup, but is available as a single channel if desired.

Recommended for standalone and networked operation.



The power supply will get very hot from the constant running. We recommend you ventilate the enclosure by either leaving the door open or remove the door while in use.


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CMB16D RGB DC Controller - Kit (Assembly Required)

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